Home Renovations and Alterations Adelaide

We specialise in premium, high-end building renovations and home alterations. We can help you with any renovation or addition project you have. Our experienced staff members can help bring to life the project you have always visualised having.

What We Offer
As a certified high-end renovation contracting business with many years in the business, we can help you with any renovation or addition project you have. Our experienced staff members can help bring to life the project you have always visualized having.

Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations offers beautifully well-thought out, projected, and implemented home additions, repair work, renovations, or AC and plumbing services. We are known as a respected leader in our community, and our staff’s integrity and honesty continues to set precedence in our community.

Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations has always cared about their customers and strive to offer complete satisfaction in all aspects of a renovation, addition or any repair or contracting job. As the industry evolves, we strive to offer the best products, materials and services possible.


Signature Design
Every Signature project offers our trademark attention to every minute detail. All the materials and products we use are top-of-the-line and offered at the best price possible, affording you luxury, quality, durability and affordability.

We can help you, whether you are thinking about renewing and revitalizing your bathroom or any other addition or renovation you need. Whatever your needs, whether it’s the replacement of shower heads, sinks, toilets or plumbing fixtures, adding a pergola, a deck or any other addition, Signature Building Solutions can help you update the functionality and style of your home. Our services can add aesthetic appeal to your home and consequently raise the overall monetary value of the property.


Our Experience
We offer the perfect solution to creating that wonderful living space you have always dreamed of having. Our services are backed by 20 years of home renovation experience. We share our passion with homeowners of the area, creating custom remodels, renovations and additions made for the lifestyle you have always wanted.

Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations gives you the services of a reliable certified contractor you can trust. We offer experienced craftsmen who will work hand-in-hand with you through each phase of the remodel or renovation project – from design inception to completion. This will give you a smooth and timely home addition. We make it easy for anyone to customise their home, bathroom, kitchen or outdoor living area the way they want – bringing the ultimate luxury living to their home.

Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations focuses on premium and high-end renovations and home alterations:

  • Home alterations and additions
  • Carports, pergolas, decks
  • Licensed & insured contractor services
  • Plumbing & gas fitting
  • Installation of hot water services


Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations can give you the best renovations Adelaide has to offer. We will give you honest, hassle free quotes with no hidden charges guaranteed.