Bathroom Renovations Adelaide

At Signature Bathroom & Home Renovations, we understand that undertaking any renovations in your home or business is a huge step and can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our aim is to be make your next bathroom renovation as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Planning Your Dream Bathroom


Know your available resources.
In order to decide upon a company to do your bathroom and wet area work, you must first know what your needs and available resources are. Prices range according to materials used, difficulty of the project and any number of factors that only a professional can help you with. Know your budget to understand fully what you can and cannot afford.


Know your space needs.
Take measurements of your space so you have this available when contacting professional service firms. Even though the professionals will come to take exact measurements, having these figures in mind can help you when obtaining estimates and quotes. Estimates and quotes play a role in determining which firm to choose for your bathroom and wet area work.


Understand what style you like.
Do you prefer contemporary or traditional style? Do you like a fully-enclosed bathtub or a separate tub? Do you like marble or textured bathroom counters? Knowing your likes and dislikes is crucial for obtaining your desired results and dealing with professionals. It also makes the process of choosing a competent designing firm easier.


Firms can provide customised services.
When you feel ready for making elegance a part of your everyday life, it is important to choose a company that has a reputation for providing these types of services. Remember not to place price as your number one objective. You also need to consider the reputation of the firm and materials used. Narrow down your choices to three.

When deciding upon a company like Signature Bathroom Renovations, ask to see their portfolio of work previously done. Check websites to see pictures of completed work. Ask what type of work the firm considers as its specialty. For instance, if you are interested in having that new addition to your home be transformed into an elegant laundry room, check for photographs of this work done by the firm. Or, ask the company’s designers if it is something they can do.


Contact each of the firms and ask questions.
To do this, make a list of questions that are important to you. When asking the questions, notice the responses you receive. Are you comfortable with the information you receive? Do you feel as those the firm has the competence you are seeking?

When designing your elegant bathroom and/or wet area, designers will work closely with architects, building contractors and you in developing plans that meet your needs for high-quality workmanship. High-end bathroom and wet area services can include installing marble counter tops, designing a bathroom with space-efficient glass-enclosed showers, renovating your existing bathroom into a handicap-accessible masterpiece, designing a room that has a mirrored wall with gold accessories strategically placed throughout the wet area, plus suggest a water-efficient and state-of-the-art energy-preserving toilet is installed.

Make your bathroom and wet area as elegant and high-end as possible to give you that pampered feeling you deserve. Choosing a high-end designing and renovating firm can transform your unimpressive bathroom and wet area into a user-friendly knock-out that will be the envy of others. Take the time to do it properly to benefit from a long-term investment.